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Inequalities, Peace and Conflict in Turkey Workshop

At a time when Turkey embarks on a military operation that affects, not only its neighbouring Syria, or, even the broader region but Turkish society itself, rekindling old and creating new fissures, the “Inequalities, Peace and Conflict in Turkey” workshop, jointly organized by the Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies of Lund University, and the Swedish Institute, aims to shed light on the patterns and mechanisms of inequalities and their impact on societal conflicts in Turkey. We invite papers that tackle the issues of inequalities, peace, and conflict in Turkey from a broader perspective, including social, economic, political and spatial features.

While this workshop’s geographical focus is on Turkey, it seeks to construct a better understanding of the challenges related to social and economic injustice in the global context and to bring innovative policy options to these challenges. It aims to open up new ways of thinking about inequalities in the Global South and advance critical-constructive scholarship about their impacts on peace and conflict.

Inequalities, Peace and Conflict in Turkey Workshop
October 11, 2019

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